Quality – CSR


Quality and continuous improvement

The constant growth of customer demands has caused MGB to anticipate the expectations of its partners and implement progress systems.

Our management system is based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, and ISO 13485 standards. The common foundation is continuous improvement, which allows us to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers and partners.

MGB is committed to respecting the current legislation as well as other requirements to which they have committed, and promoted the values:

Maintaining commitments

Doing our part

Operational excellence and

MGB constantly strives to optimize its products and services, while being committed to the excellence of its processes. Innovation is often the response to a problem. It is the primary vector for business development.

To do this, MGB strives to remain watchful of needs to adapt to markets and environments while making every effort to anticipate evolution, making the values below the priority:

Try new ideas

Ask why

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)

MGB is committed to the seven fundamental principles of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) by committing to:

  1. Integrate durable practices in our operations, reducing our environmental footprint.
  2. Promote social behavior, guaranteeing an inclusive, diverse work environment.
  3. Contribute to the community’s wellness, maintaining local initiatives and promoting volunteering.
  4. Promote transparent, ethical business governance through responsible risk management.
  5. Respect human rights and international labor standards throughout our entire value chain.
  6. Encourage responsible innovation to respond to social and environmental challenges.
  7. Collaborate with stakeholders including customers, employees, and suppliers, to create a positive, durable impact.


MGB’s expertise is translated by its proactive management of our customer’s specific needs, consolidating a relationship of confidence
based on the satisfaction and excellence of the products delivered. From order acceptance to shipping, through document management,
our quality process ensures the compliance of our products. This engagement has been repaid with:


MGB’s operational excellence is illustrated in the OTD performance and quality indicators.

Customer performance indicators (Score Cards)

Objectives : OTD > 98% and ppm < 1000

  • SAFRAN Electrical & Power – OTD 98,62% – NCR 554ppm – May 2024 98.62% 98.62%
  • SAFRAN Electronics & Defense – OTD 98,73% – NCR 0 ppm – May 2024 98.73% 98.73%

Awards received


Quality Performance Award

2007 (Tyco Electronics)

Space Award

2021 (Gifas)

Best Improver Aero

2021 (Space)

Control – metrology

Quality control and statistical process control (SPC)

Rigorous serial quality control from production to shipment allows us to comply with our customers’ most demanding quality requirements. To do this, we rely on calibrated measurements and statistical process control.

APQP method

APQP has become a fundamental backbone for project management at MGB. This structured, proactive approach considers all project development and planning phases. By anticipating as many quality problems in production as possible and strictly managing orders, we can guarantee impeccable quality products for our customers.


We guarantee the traceability of our products, supplying the associated material compliance certificates and following lots in our innovative GPS-tracking label system.


MGB is committed to the Aero Excellence approach launched in 2024 by GIFAS This framework allows us to reinforce the maturity of the participants in the Aeronautic, Space, and Defense supply chain in terms of Operational, Environment, and Cyber Excellence.

MGB also participated in continuous improvement programs:

2019-2020: Project Space Industries of the Future – GIFAS

Objectives :

  • Improve the competitiveness of the supply chain
  • Increase the attractiveness of SMEs
  • Strengthen collaboration along the supply chain
  • Increase the flexibility and reactivity of the industrial tool

Results: Space Industry Cluster 4.0

2017-2019: Project “Industrial Performance 1 & 2” - Aero Space

Objectives :

  • Increase delivery performance along the Supply Chain
  • Improve the customer/supplier relationship
  • Reinforce the competitiveness of the businesses to improve labor conditions
  • Develop and consolidate employment along the supply chain

Results :

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