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MGB has developed its micromachining knowledge in about 70 years. In complete confidentiality, we support our customers in performing innovative projects.
Whether it be on fixed or mobile headstock machines, we manufacture parts:

  • from Ø ¹/₆₄ “ to Ø 3 ¹⁵/₁₆” (from Ø 0.2 mm to Ø 100 mm)
  • up to 15 ³/₄ “ in length (400 mm)
  • in metal alloys or plastic
  • for lots from 10 to 500,000 pieces

We provide full service: co-development, machining, deburring, heat treatments, partial annealing, and in-house assembly, all while ensuring the management of external contractors.



MGB dedicates 8 to 10% of its turnover each year to investment. This provides our employees with effective tools, stimulating them to anticipate market needs and to innovate.


By intervening early, already during product conception, MGB has become a source of innovation for its customers when launching new, inventive products.

The pros of co-development:

  • Reduce your development costs by benefiting from MGB’s expertise for mechanical parts
  • Consider production requirements during the design phase
  • A single contact from industrialization through production
  • Guarantee confidentiality


Contribution during the definition of requirements and constraints (regulations, environment…)


  • Assembly study
  • Choice of the materials and surface treatments
  • Detail plan processing
  • Assembly simulation
  • Prototypes
  • Mechanical performance validation


  • Pre-series
  • Product and process qualification


Serial production


MGB, as a Tier 1 supplier or growing SME partner, offers high-precision bar-turning solutions that adapt to the rigorous requirements of these critical markets.


Co-axial connectors: co-development and manufacture of contacts, bodies, and insulators. Assembly. Assembly.


Implant devices, dental implants, ancillary, instrumentation and connectors


Co-axial and fiber-optic connectors.


Cockpit, electric distribution, pressure sensors.


Aeronautical military, ground forces, soldiers’ equipment.


MGB’s expertise is translated by its proactive management of our customer’s specific needs, consolidating a relationship of confidence
based on the satisfaction and excellence of the products delivered. From order acceptance to shipping, through document management,
our quality process ensures the compliance of our products.

This engagement has been repaid with:


We have committed to our customers to:

  • Guide them through development and provide our expertise to optimize their performance
  • Be an active partner, offering knowledge dedicated to fulfilling their project and continuously improving their products
  • Meet their requirements, quality needs, and service index
  • Respect confidentiality

We have committed to our employees to:

  • Provide a fulfilling work environment
  • Supply tools for high-performance work, dedicating 8 to 10% of our turnover to investments
  • Apply the principles of our CSR charter

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